Welcome to Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia.

Better yet, welcome to the Kia family. If you visit this part of Georgia, you’ll quickly realize that there’s a lot more than great cars being built here. What’s sprung up over the past few years is a rebirth of sorts. Thanks to the vision and can-do attitude of folks here in West Point, Georgia, a community is flourishing and a classic American success story is in the making.

Built in the USA.


When we decided to begin manufacturing in the United States, we were confident of success. There’s a growing demand for Kia cars and CUVs, and we wanted to better serve that need, but you have to do more than that to succeed. You need to surround yourself with quality people. Like the folks at our Georgia facility.

We believe we’re building more than great cars in the U.S.—because we are. Our family has grown to more than 3,000 talented team members at the plant and another 7,500 at nearby suppliers—that’s more than 10,000 new jobs—and we are committed to developing the most efficient, environmentally sustainable and sophisticated manufacturing facility in the country. We’re creating something truly special, but we’re just getting started.

Although we’re producing some of the most technologically advanced vehicles around, we’re doing it in accordance with the Kia Way, which is our “one-system/one-team” approach that’s built on trust, mutual respect, and open communication among all team members.

We’re in it for the long haul, and that means not only do we take great care to look after the members of our Kia family, but we also want to ensure we look after the environment. After all, it’s everyone’s home.